About Us

We provide property professionals with fast, affordable and professional visual marketing solutions across Greater Houston area

Founder of Caliber Real Estate Photography, Marc Vazquez, started his photography journey in 2010 working at a local photo processing lab. It was at the moment he developed his first roll of film that he knew he had a passion for photography.

As time went on, his love for photography merged with another passion, real estate. Coincidentally, he found himself captivated by the photos on a real estate website instead of the actual listings themselves. With the help of friends & family, the idea was formed.

Caliber Real Estate Photography, a photography company focused on delivering high caliber images and services that showcase your property in the best possible light. Moreover, we strive to keep our work unique and professional, with room for a little magic. We work around the greater Houston area, and if you feel we are a good fit, we would love to bring out the uniqueness of your property. Feel free to reach out here!

Our Mission

To deliver high caliber images and services in a timely and cost-effective manner to potential buyers, sellers or real estate agents to ultimately sell or rent the listing while making a lasting impression.

Our Vision

To become an extension of your business, helping you land more listings, or rent out your property

How does it work now

Amazing photo quality is just one part of what makes us the ideal partner for you.

Step 1

Schedule Your Shoot

Step 2

Day of the shoot


Step 3

Post-Shoot editing

Step 4

Final Product Delivery