You might be wondering why aerial real estate photography is so important. The answer is simple: real estate listings need to stand out from the crowd of other properties on the market. Of course, there are many different ways to do this. Still, aerial photography has become one of the most popular methods in the real estate industry to attract buyers due to its ability to capture unique perspectives that you can’t get any other way.

Reasons To Include Aerial photography

Differentiate Your Listing

In real estate, you want to make sure that your listings are on par with those of other realtors in terms of quality and features, so potential clients have no reason not to choose your site over theirs. Aerial photos offer a great way for real estate agents to differentiate their offerings from others – it’s an instant draw for potential buyers who might otherwise be put off by inferior images or too many blurry shots taken at ground level. The aerial photo is also likely going to work better than any other kind when it comes time for marketing or commercial purposes: pictures speak louder than words, after all!

Capture more features

Aerial real estate photos are precious because they allow potential buyers to explore more about what possibilities lie within the area before they commit by looking at real estate listings without this visual representation. The advantage of aerial pictures is that they show the entire property and overview what ground-level shots can’t do. They also allow your potential buyers to see how things such as landscaping look in their yard.

Create an immersive experience with aerial videos

Aerial real estate videos are a fun and engaging way to market your listings. The benefit of these is that they provide an immersive experience for the viewer as they see what it would be like to live at this property.

Aerial videos add a cinematic touch to real estate marketing, highlighting the home’s best features. You must get a drone camera with high-definition capabilities, so your videos look crisp and clear when people watch them on their devices. It also helps if they’re filmed in HD because it will be easier for customers to see what they are looking at and decide.

Get better online exposure

In this day and age, many people are automatically drawn to properties when they see them featured on websites like Zillow or Redfin, which offer free aerial views of each property listed online. However, suppose yours doesn’t have an aerial view at all (or only has one). In that case, potential buyers will likely be more inclined to visit competitor sites than yours simply because those competitors have what they want: better exposure for their real estate listings with modern technology such as the drone.

What Is Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is one of the services offered by real estate photographers and is very popular. Aerial photos are a bird’s eye view of your listing. Though it can be done by hiring planes or helicopters, which are costly, drones are the primary way for real estate aerial photography. The drone is controlled by remote control (mostly smartphones) or can fly autonomously. The real estate photographer then collects the data and processes it into aerial photographs to showcase your property engagingly.

Aerial photos will never replace ground-level shots, but they are invaluable because of their ability to show buyers all that’s on offer before committing to purchase. When real estate photos are taken from the ground, they can be limited by a few factors, including distance and height restrictions. Aerial photography removes those limitations because drones fly much higher than traditional real-estate cameras, which means that your realtor will get sweeping shots of your property without trespass on private and public land. 

Real Estate Drone Photography

Drones are becoming more and more popular because they provide real estate photographers with aerial photography at a lower cost. The drone’s camera captures a broad view of the real estate property, and it can be used to showcase features like large rooms, balconies, pools, nearby parks, or even basketball courts on larger properties.

The benefits of using drones for aerial real estate photography are:
  • The camera used in drones range from Full HD to professional DSLR cameras
  • Drones can be operated using smartphones
  • They can get closer to the property than an airplane could, resulting in better quality aerial imagery.
  • They can hover in place to make real estate photography much easier for the photographer.
  • They are more maneuverable than a helicopter, which means they can get closer and take better photographs of smaller spaces like courtyards or gardens. 
  • They require no permits for use like airplanes; however, they do require FAA registration as well as aviation insurance. FAA license is also required for commercial use, such as real estate photography.     
  • Using drones, real estate photographers can provide their clients with some of the most stunning aerial photos at an affordable price without compromising quality or safety.    

Drones have been used in real estate photography for more than a decade, but recently their popularity has increased substantially. Drones are easier to use and cheaper than helicopters, making them the preferred aerial vehicle of choice for real estate photographers nationwide. In addition, they require no permits or licenses like airplanes do to be flown without restrictions around private property.

For commercial real estate drone photography a license is required from the FAA. A professional drone pilot has mastered drone maneuverability and is capable of taking high-quality aerial imagery. Drone technology improves every year with better battery life, camera control, flight performance, flight time, image quality, video resolution, and other professional features.

The Best Aerial Photography in Houston

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The best way to sell a home is by showing off its features and benefits – and nothing does that better than beautiful aerial shots! With our professional aerial photography services, you’ll have access to stunning aerial images that show off everything about your property.

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