Real estate photography

Real estate photography is the art of taking high-quality photos and videos of real estate property. It’s a booming industry because realtors need to show potential buyers what their home or commercial property looks like before deciding if they want to buy it. The realtor will use real estate photography images on Zillow, Redfin, and Yelp for more people to find them and get the best shot at making some money!

Why do you need a professional real estate photographer?

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive markets out there. This is because real estate deals are usually closed within a short time frame, and you have to get your offer in before someone else does. On top of that, realtors and real estate agents want to show potential buyers only the house they are interested in. That’s where real estate photography comes into play.

A real estate photographer will take photos and videos of the property that realtors are trying to sell. The real estate photos and videos are put on sites like Zillow for more people to find them. This helps potential buyers get all the information about a house without having to drive around looking at different real estate listings.

Real Estate Photography Costs

Many professional photographers offer real estate photography services for a fee, typically $150-400 per listing, depending on the size of the property being photographed or filmed. A realtor can add photos to an online real estate listing if they want to save some money and time by uploading them themselves rather than hiring a professional. However, it may be better to pay a professional who knows what they’re doing than end up with bad photos because the person doesn’t have much experience.

Ultimately, the decision to take real estate photos on their own or pay for professional photography will depend on if it is worth paying for high-quality real estate photography. A professional photographer will own real estate photography equipment and take professional photos. A good real estate photographer most of the time is worth the money.

Elements of Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography has been around since the 1800s when realtors would take photos of properties to advertise them. Though real estate photography is still about the interior and exterior of the property, nowadays, there are other options available. The following are the different elements of real estate photography:

Interior Photography

Interior photography takes photos and videos of the interior of the property. The goal is to capture all the details of the rooms, living area, and walkways. Good real estate interior photography can also take photos that show how beautiful a home may look with furniture inside while still maintaining an uncluttered space.

There are three main styles of interior real estate photos:


This style shows all aspects of the house, including clutter and personal items, to give viewers an idea about how people live on the property.

Head and Shoulders

This style is more traditional real estate photography that focuses on showing the viewer any design features in the room, such as artwork or architectural details.


This style shows off large spaces like great rooms with tons of natural light from windows to create an open feeling for viewers.

interior photography bathroom

Exterior Photography

The exterior photos are usually taken first since it’s what potential buyers will see most when they drive up to a house or commercial property. The photographer can take pictures from different angles and showcase the front, back, side, and any features that stand out, such as a pool or garden.

Exterior photographs are also important because they show potential buyers what their home will look like once it has been renovated or remodeled to make informed decisions.

exterior photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial real estate photography is taken from a high point and showcases the property in its entirety. Aerial photos are typically used to show how much land or surrounding area there is, where the house sits on it, and what type of view you will have if you buy that property.

Nowadays, aerial real estate photographers will use drones to take photos or videos of more cost-effective and less time-consuming properties than using planes or helicopters.

aerial shot of house

Twilight Photography

Twilight real estate photography consists of shots being taken at dusk or dawn where light qualities contrast greatly with daytime images making them feel more dramatic and mysterious. This style has become increasingly popular amongst realtors lately to make real estate listings stand out from the competition.

The same rules for real estate photography apply to twilight real estate photography: property should be lit and well-framed, with a clean background where possible. If there is any movement, it needs to be in the foreground or middle ground, not distracting viewers from what they’re interested in – the house.

A great way of achieving this look is by shooting just before sunset when natural light levels are at their peak. Additionally, some post-production work, such as brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, is required until you have an image that looks its best!

Twilight shot of house

Real Estate Videography

Along with photos, videos of real estate property are included in the listing of real estate photography. This is generally used for properties that are difficult to show in images only or when the buyers want an up-to-date video of the property’s interior and exterior. Videos are more immersive than photos, and it is a good idea to add them to your listing.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is used in real estate photography to present the property in its best light. Unlike staging, virtual staging uses software to place or remove furniture and other items. It’s always good to find an expert who knows all the ins and outs of image editing software such as Photoshop for virtual staging.

Virtual Tours

Nowadays, real estate photographers offer virtual tours as well. They use 360-degree cameras to take a panoramic photo of the property or interior and upload it on their site for potential buyers to view all angles in detail through computer software.

Virtual tours are helpful if you have something that can’t be seen from one angle, such as a fireplace or limited access to certain parts because they’re closed off by walls or furniture. Virtual tours also allow realtors more time during showings and less physical work transporting people around the house, which means fewer accidents.

Real estate photography is one of the essential aspects real estate agents must focus on when marketing properties. In today’s digital world, high-quality photos and content can get you more leads. The property listing with professional real estate photos tends to sell for higher than the asking price as well.

Realtors must have the best tools and skills to make their listings stand out. The real estate photography business has seen significant growth in recent years, mainly due to the ever-growing popularity of online real estates sites such as Zillow, Redfin,, and Trulia. This has seen a growth in professional real estate photographer’s jobs and real estate photography services.

backyard shot real estate photography

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